Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:

  • Healthy life and social welfare for all, wif dignity and respect and without any type of discrimination.
  • Ensure access to health care, education, social services and optimal level of life and wellbeing to all Afghans population.
  • Has an expert and committed work force to continuously improve the quality of provided services by MOVE.

Our Mission:

Respecting the right of healthy life and social welfare for all, aiming the efforts for quality health care and social development by offering health, education, agriculture, and social development programs to meet the most crucial needs, for the people of Afghanistan.

Overall Goal:

  •  To Improve health status amongst Afghans by providing health services particularly for the most vulnerable people.
  • To contribute for social development activities, education, agriculture, and research.
  • To develop coordination for partnerships with national and international organizations for exchange of experiences and organizational capacity building to serve vulnerable people.

Organization Objectives:

  • To offer quality, cost-effective, accessible and equitable health and nutrition services for Afghan people on particular women and children.
  • To provide education, research, training, and capacity building activities.
  • To contribute for social and community development programs.
  • To provide agriculture and livestock services.

Our Values & Working Principles:

  • Provide humanitarian services with dignity and respect.
  • Independence and impartiality.
  • Transparency, accountability, and efficiency.
  • Creativity and initiatives.
  • Dedication and Commitment.
  • Team work and community participation.
  • Gender equity and Capacity building

How is MOVE Different?

  • Our perception is strategic.
  • Our focus is value rather than target.
  • Our selection is based on our ability rather than opportunity.
  • Our process is result based.
  • Continues Learning.
  • Our approach is community based.
  • Team work and community engagement.
  • Partnership and affiliation.
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