MOVE General Assemble

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On January, 2021 MOVE welfare Organization in Kabul HQ, conducted its General Assembly.

Based on MWO policy the general assembly meeting conducting between 3-5 years. In every assembly the Directorate board report the main achievements of the organization to MWO trustee board and draws the attention of the General Assembly to the fact that the practical affected the arrangements and management of the organization.

The event formally launched and facilitated by Executive Director. During his speech to assembly, He added. That, the General Assembly is our chance to step back and give and receive credit for all the hard work we’ve done during the years. We are excited to introduce the new members for trusty board for the next leadership and management of the organization

He also, said, thank you to, previous board members for their outstanding contribution to supporting on highly successful MOVE leadership and management.  During the last years their services were great and their leadership led the organization in this position, he added.

During the assembly the new trustee board introduced to MOVE management team, and they have been selected their chairperson accordingly.

There was organization status, achievement, challenges, financing, operating and management presentation and back and forth, to have directions of the trustee board and MOVE management team.   

As part of board activities, the organization updated policies, rules and regulations documents presented to the trusty board, and they signed and approved them.