CME Program

Community Midwifery Education Program:

MOVE with support of MoPH, UNFPA, WB and local authority established four CME schools in Daikundi, Badghis and Kabul provinces, with the commencement of the project, a committee from the relevant stakeholders facilitated the recruitment process of candidates to be enrolled to CME program for BPHS-HFs and FHHs. The MoPH selection criteria for the community midwifery education program applied, about 108 qualified ladies were selected for CME program to continue their education in CME- Schools.

The theoretical and practical sessions continued, MOU signed with Daikundi PH, Qalae naw PH, Rabia Balkhi hospital and Mirwais Maidan CHC for the clinical sites and clinical practices.

In 2015, CME schools of Badghis and Daikundi provinces have successfully completed 2nd and 3rd phases, while Kabul province started its first phase. Educational material provided to trainers and students, classrooms, teaching labs, libraries and computer labs are furnished according to standards, all required anatomic models and equipment, are provided for CME skill’s lab, accommodation and kindergarten facilities provided for students.

The students and trainers activities are supervised and monitored by project manager and course coordinators on regular bases. The coordinators are also followed class schedule, simulated practice and supervised practice sessions as outlined in the program calendar and ensured that the assigned teachers conduct the sessions according to the schedule. In addition, the designed teachers recorded the progress of each student, according to the rules and regulations of the GIHS using clinical experience log books. Furthermore, monitoring and evaluation of CME schools are done by MOVE- HQ, partners and donors. AMNEAB performed non-binding assessment of CME schools and the result each school was upper 80%.

The CME school for Daikundi province as part the FHH project was established in 2013, about 36 qualified ladies were selected for CME program and trained for 28 months, they successfully completed the theoretical and clinical studies, 36 students from different districts of Daikundi province received knowledge, skills and competencies on community midwifery program, the work plan of CME successfully been implemented and finally the students been graduated in September 2015, all 36 graduated students enrolled to a three month internship program to BPHS /EPHS HFs and finally deployed to their FHHs.

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