Maternal and Under-5 Nutrition and Child Health Project (MUNCH):

MOVE is implementing MUNCH project with partnership of World Vision and funding of CIDA. The project aims to improve the nutritional status of mothers, newborns and under 5 years children through extended and sustained access and coverage of quality and equitable community and facility-based nutrition interventions and by contributing to the development of an enabling system that influences the outcomes of maternal, newborn and child nutrition in Badghis province. The conceptual framework is based on addressing the underlying causes of under nutrition at three different but interrelated levels, household/community, health facility and at system levels.

According to the project work plan, MOVE accomplished all the activities in targeted districts, coordination meetings conducted with related stakeholder (PPHD, BPHS project, HFs, community shuras, provincial office, district governors and economic department).

During the reporting period, sensitization meetings on maternal and child nutrition conducted for 454 CHWs and 2331 health Shura members, IYCF training conducted for 410 FHAG members in Qadis, Abkamary and Moqur districts, CHWs and FHAG members are assessed in term of knowledge and skills for delivering IYCF messages to their communities, as a result, 61.45% of FHAG members became able to deliver IYCF messages effectively, 115 PD/Hearth sessions  conducted and totally 1149 malnourished children attended the sessions, mothers confidence level increased which shows more than 65% of them are able to maintain the PD nutrition practices at home. Awareness sessions on TTC and CBR to community members conducted by 7 CHSs and 190 CHWs, which totally 1627 pregnant women were registered and counseled about 7/11 concept of TTC.

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