MOVE HQ Technical team visited MOVE, s projects in Daikundi province

From Aug 27th to Sep 5th, 2019 MOVE HQ Technical team (Health Director, Performance & Development Director and Pharmacy Manager) had a mission to Daikundi province to support related projects in Daikundi province. This mission aimed to monitor projects activities, appraise PO staff performance, provide Tech. Support to Projects office staff, Conducting field visit from HFs, Support to other MOVE projects and conduct coordination meetings with Projects management team PPHD and Daikundi Governor.

The meeting with Daikundi Governor took place at governor house and shared the project semiannual review findings (Project and staff performance during six month). the Goerner appreciated MOVE activities and extended their support for better implementation of Health projects in Daikundi. Also the team monitored the PO departments, Nilli PH, Khedir CHC+, Shish BHC and Shinia PHC activities and provided instruction and support to PO staff to further support the HF staff to deliver quality health services to the community.

The team in coordination with PO staff, conducted two days’ semiannual review workshop to review the P4P indicators progress and possible challenges and the semiannual performance feedback shared with HF in charges to develop Performance improvement plan for respected HFs.

An action plan developed by Daikundi PO team to address the team findings and shared with HQ.

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