23 FHHs New Building Put in to operation in Bamyan Province


10 FHHs Building were put in to Operation in Farah Pronvince

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23 FHHs Building were Put in to Operation in Bamyan Province

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Ten FHHs Building were put it to operation in Farah Province


The construction and renovation of 17 FHHs in Badghis Province has started

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The construction and renovation of 17 FHHs in Badghis Province has started

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Construction of 10 FHHs started in Farah province

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The report of the opening of the construction of 10 FHHs in Farah province by Farah National TV

Construction of 10 FHHs started in Farah province

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The renovation work of 58 FHHs in Daikundi province has started

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The renovation work of 58 FHHs in Daikundi province has started

Construction and renovation of 24 FHHs in Bamyan has started

Construction and renovation of 24 FHHs in Bamyan has started

Construction and renovation of 24 FHHs in Bamyan has started

Opening of 100 kw solar system electricity for Urozgan PH

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Medical equipment supply to Badghis Province Family Health House

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National and International Media Reports About the Supply of Medical and Non- Medical Equipment and Opening of Oxygen Generating Machine in COVID-19 Hospital of Urozgan Province

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National and international media reports about the opening and operation of family health house in Badghis Province

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Four- Months Community Midwifery Education Refresher has been Started in Kabul MOVE CME training center.

From 1st of September 2019, MOVE opened a four months CME program in Kabul. To cover the needs of community midwifes on Nuristan, Samangan, Badghis and Pakitika Provinces.  MOVE technical teams with financial support of UNFPA/MoPH and direct support of local authorities selected the CME Candide’s for new established FHH from relevant villages on mentioned province. Amongst the selected candidates all of them already passed the CME, to enable them for practical services through FHH a four-month refresher course has been planned in Kabul.

 This refresher training planed for four months, during this period the project will provided all facilities for students.  Upon completion, these trained midwifes will provide health service in related Family Health houses (FHH).

MOVE outstanding experience of CME schools’ trainings during past decade and trained more than 200 CME students in different provinces. Qualified trainers, standard curriculum, equipped laboratories and training halls are ready and the training running smoothly with theoretical and practical classes.       

 MOVEs Website Committee Activities Update 

As part of the Information Services, website editing and development committee members works together to support MOVEs offices and projects with various activities on MOVE website development and updating.

The committee members with identifying updates needs, looks for projects specific changes and achievements, show the major progresses of organization to update the community by announcing on the website. During the last months the overall website designs, content, and documents were reviewed and the committee published a total of 48 new pages in the first half of 2019. An additional two annual reports of last years, uploaded in the website.   The committee members are committed to continue their regular support on improving the website values and quality.  

MOVE HQ Senior Officials Visited MOVE, s Projects in Daikundi Province

From Jun 27 to July 4, 2019 MOVE HQ Management team members (Operation Director and Finance/Admin Director and Malaria Project Manager) had a mission to Daikundi province to support related projects in Daikundi province. This mission aimed to monitor projects activities, provide support to Projects Local offices and conduct coordination meetings with PPHD and Local governmental Authorities Especially Daikundi Governor.

During the mission deference meeting was took place with Projects management team especially EPHS-BPHS SEHATMANDI project, PPHD, and Daikundi Governor to present project progress, Discussed Challenges and attract PPHD and provincial authority support.

The meeting with Said Anwarullah Rahmati the governor of Daikundi province took place at governor house and shared the progress and state of the projects and as well as the recent challenges. He appreciated MOVE previous and current activities also expressed and extended their support for better implementation of Health projects in Daikundi. The governor also asked to further strengthen coordination through conducting coordination meetings with all related sector, especially with provincial Authority.

Prizewinner of RULA Best Research Award

Recently MOVE welfare organization researches were nominated for world rivalry in RULA. On June 2019 this award was given for MHM research.

Improving quality of services with Pay for Performance

Pay for performance is a key factor to strengthen the quality of services in SEHATMANDI projects. From March, 2019 the MOVE Welfare Organization management team has developed and operated the Pay for Performance procedures in all its projects. Supported of the projects key staffs done, with provision of training or technical assistance on implementation of Pay for Performance in health facilities basses. That could mean implementing of Pay for Performance in MOVE organization.

There has been increasing interest from health providers in all level of health facilities within following-up the Pay for Performance procedures and systematic feedback. It is not just a one-way dumping of information and records. Based on what we have seen; case-base services analysis approaches are very motivating approaches to do with health providers.     

MOVE welfare Organization Managing Directorate Members Visited Daikundi Province Projects

On April 13 -21, 2019 MOVE welfare Organization HQ directors (Executive director and Operation Director), had a supportive monitoring visit form Diakundi Province projects (BPHS,EPHS, FHH, TSFP, GBV ) to oversee the  project activities, supply chain, system set up and progress of Pay for Performance project  implementation and employees’ satisfaction.    

The team had been official meetings with Dikundi governmental authorities including Provincial governor, Public health Director, provincial councils and community Representatives regarding MOVE leaded projects and how to strengthen the coordination. They had conducted the first Quarter HFs performance analyzing workshop based on P4P guidelines with participation and involvement of Provincial Health officers, MOVE provincial technical and management team, the strengths and weakness identified and the PIP drafted for finalization. Visit from the Nili PH has been done and different sections and its current management system evaluated. For filling the gaps a half day workshop with presence of hospital management board conducted and an action plan made for improvement of the hospital service. Meeting with MOVE Daikundi projects teams and HF in charges conducted. The MOVE executive director expressed his supports for the implantation of the projects and acknowledged, that P4P policy is a good tool for improvement of services, staff motivation and encouragement of all best performing HFs and employees. He emphasized that the, clear objective, hardworking, active management, will support the project achievements and employees.

The board members had a feedback workshop for the senior projects team on how to manage their activities along with the project targets and P4P policy implementation and stages if verification’s. Also they introduced verification communication steps and linkages between the province and HQ team.  The queries raised by provincial team were responded and they encouraged to ask more to done well.