RMNCH Project

Project Name: Reproductive Maternity Newborn Child Health

Project targetAll 7 district of Bamyan (Banyan Center, Shiber, Saighan, Kahmard, Yakawlang, Panjab,Waras).

Project Population: 63791

Project Implementer: MOVE Welfare Organization

Project Goal:

To reduce maternal and child mortality rate among mothers and young children through equitable access to quality health care services in hard to reach.

Project Objectives:

  • To ensure provision of basic health services in remote villages in hard to access areas.
  • To expand and strengthen community based health care (CBHC) through the identification of additional CHWs in hard to access areas and to link community level interventions with BPHS facility based service.
  • To increase awareness, encourage greater community participation and ownership that creates demand for health services.
  • To enhances and sustain adaption of position hygiene practices particularly hand washing, water use and safety and environmental sanitation.

RMNCH project is started since of 2015 in the 7 districts of Bamyan.  and this project successful achieved all activity based on project targeted in two round before of 2018, then the third round of the project is started from beginning of Feb 2018 and will be to end of 2019, so financial issue of this project support by UNICEF and implement of the project do by MOVE organization under supervise of DoPH to all mentioned district for vulnerable community and people of 403 villages to remote area.

MOVE organization are hired 7 Mobile Health Team for project activity in the field and each MHT team is formatted of Doctor/Nurse, Midwife, Vaccinator and a vehicle as ambulance. Include of MHT staff, management and support staff also hired for managing and planning the program for good implementing the activity to the field of targeted area.

through this project conducting regular health service of OPD, Antenatal care, Postpartum care, health education, immunization service to pregnant and lactation mothers, children under five and young girls and adult men and women. Also the project is working to make links CHWs and FHAG to community outreach and health facility service.

According to district micro planning 2019, 18% of total population of Bamyan province is direct cover by health service of RMNCH project and MHT team as per monthly schedule to remote area of districts. And RMNCH project have close coordination with DoPH, UNICEF, BPHS, EPHS, Bamyan Governor and all related stockholder to provincial level and district level.