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Alhaj Ghullam Nabi Fazil General Director of MOVE Appreciated the employees of the Urozgan provincial office

On Thursday 26 Jan 2023, Alhaj Ghullam Nabi Fazli General Director of MOVE During a trip to Urozgan province visited the provincial office and met the employees of this office.

 In this meeting, Mr. Fazli appreciated the functions and services of Urozgan provincial office employees and distributed their work certificates.

It should be mentioned that MOVE organization has been implementing a health project in this province since one year, but recently, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan, another NGO has been replaced instead of this institution to implement this project for another year.

MOVE welfare organization held its trustee board meeting

This meeting was held on January 8, 2023 in the presence of the board members at the head office of this organization.

In the beginning, Eng. Ghullam Nabi Fazli, General Director of MOVE Organization, welcomed the honorable members of the Board and discussed in detail on activities and achievements of 2022.

The members of the meeting, discussed the one-year activity of this organization and described the efforts and functions of the employees of this organization.

At the same time, the board members discussed strengthening and expanding the activities and services for the next year, and the necessary decisions were taken to strengthen, improve and expand the activities.

MOVE General Director travel to Urozgan and met local authorities and visited health service in PH  

Alhaj Ghullam Nabi Fazli MOVE General director on Wednesday 25 Jan 2023 Travel to Urozgan province and met local authorities and visited the process of health service in Urozgan provincial hospital. During this trip, he also visited the YakLinga CHC whose it building was recently rebuilt by MOVE organization.