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MOVE G.D Meeting with the governor of Badghis Province
MOVE G.D Meeting with the governor of Daikundi Province
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MOVE General Director visited Badghis sub-office

Alhaj Ghulam Nabi Fazli, MOVE General Director visited the Badghis sub-office on February 27, 2022

During the visit, he met the Badghis sub-office service providers, their opportunities, activities, and challenges during the implementation of the project.  He had instructed them on how to minimize the gaps and succeeded in challenges. Also, he appreciated the project team, who were involved in community midwifery school project implementation.  The sub-office team thanked the general director and promised to work harder than the last and try to achieve the best performance in the remaining part of the project

MOVE General Assembly (second session)

As part of MOVE Welfare Organization, hosting of General Assembly 2021. We are pleased to announce the decisions of the General Assembly conducted on 14 November 2021 in Kabul HQ.

MWO general assembly meets in regular sessions in each working year. In 2021 the first session was conducted on 07 January 2021. The MWO new trustee board was introduced, and the directorate board reported the main achievements of 2020 to the General Assembly. The second session was conducted on 14 Nov 2021, and discussed specific issues through dedicated agenda items, which lead to the adoption of the organization to a new pathway.  

The event was formally launched and facilitated by the Executive Director. During his speech to the assembly, He added, It is my great pleasure to invite the trustee board and other assembly members, to join us for the improvement of organization status, after such a difficult year for everyone around the world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and political changes in our country, it seems right that we come together again to improve the MWO management capacities and share our experiences and learn from each other to continue our strengthen goals and minimized the gaps. 

Also, He added, in this session of the General Assembly, we have the chance to thank the hard work of the General Director and his management team, they have done during the last years.  We are excited to have the chance to elect the new General Director and get the approval of trustee board members for MWO’s future leadership and management of the organization.

After completion of procedures and announcement of the candidates. Among the four candidates, Eng. Ghulam Nabi Khan Agha gets the majority of the votes and he selects as General Director of MWO for the next period.

During the assembly, the MWO trustee board approved the election methods, and congrats to the new general director.

The new general director had an introductory speech on how to promote the organization’s working extent, and he added, he needs full support from MWO teams.

There was organization status, achievement, challenges, financing, operating and management presentation, and back and forth, to have directions of the trustee board and MOVE management team.  

As part of assembly activities, the organization updated policies, rules, and regulations documents presented to the trusty board and received their approval for implementation.


The MOVE Welfare Organization health Program is excited to announce the launch of the BPHS SEHATMANDI project in Uruzgan Province, since July 01, 2021. The goal of this project is to strengthen health services through health facilities and health posts and made appropriate operating systems and supply of commodities to ensure the full function of services delivery are maintained for the population of mentioned provinces.

MOVE General Assembly (First Session)

In January 2021 MOVE Welfare Organization conducted its General Assembly, in the Kabul HQ office.

Based on MWO policy the General Assembly meeting is conducting between 3-5 years. In every assembly, the Directorate board reports the main achievements of the organization to the MWO trustee board and draws the attention of the General Assembly to the fact that the practical affected the arrangements and management of the organization.

The event was formally launched and facilitated by Executive Director. During his speech to the assembly, He added. That, the General Assembly is our chance to step back and give and receive credit for all the hard work we’ve done during the years. We are excited to introduce the new members for trustee board for the next leadership and management of the organization

He also thanked previous board members for their outstanding contribution to supporting highly successful MOVE leadership and management.  During the last years, their services were great and their leadership lead the organization in this position, he added.

During the assembly, the new trustee board was introduced to the MOVE management team and they have selected their chairperson accordingly.

There was organization status, achievement, challenges, financing, operating and management presentation, and back and forth, to have directions of the trustee board and MOVE management team. 

As part of board activities, the organization updated policies, rules, and regulations documents presented to the trustee board and they signed and approved them.

Four- Months Community Midwifery Education Refresher has been Started in Kabul MOVE CME training center.

From 1st of September 2019, MOVE opened a four months CME program in Kabul. To cover the needs of community midwifes on Nuristan, Samangan, Badghis and Pakitika Provinces.  MOVE technical teams with financial support of UNFPA/MoPH and direct support of local authorities selected the CME for new established FHH from relevant villages on mentioned province. Amongst the selected candidate’s all of them already passed the CME, to enable them for practical services through FHH a four-month refresher course has been planned in Kabul.

This refresher training planned for four months, during this period the project will provided all facilities for students.  Upon completion, these trained midwifes will provide health service in related Family Health houses (FHHs).

MOVE outstanding experience of CME schools’ training’s during past decade and trained more than 200 CME students in different provinces made a possible way of having this project . Qualified trainers, standard curriculum, equipped laboratories and training halls are ready and the training running smoothly with theoretical and practical classes.   

Joint Monitoring from Community Based Nutrition Program (CBNP) implementing by MOVE in Daikundi Province

A joint monitoring conducted from August 29th – to September 5th, 2019 by MoPH, UNICEF and MOVE from CBNP project in Daikundi province. The monitoring team was consisted representative from Public Nutrition Directorate (PND), representatives from Unicef (Nutrition Officer, Information Management Specialist, Nutrition Manager and Nutrition Officer Central Region) and Nutrition Coordinator from MOVE Welfare Organization.  The overall objective of this monitoring were: monitoring from CBNP program implementation, support the coordination between the projects, monitor IMAM program implementation and oversee the WIFS implementation in Diakundi province. As a preliminary part of this monitoring, meetings with DPPHD, Shohada Organization and MOVE BPHS mangers have been conducted.   

The monitoring team had been overseeing the implementation of CBNP and IMAM programs, supported the coordination mechanism between partners, technical support for nutrition counselors and supervised the WIFS program implementation at school level.

During the monitoring four health facilities, two health posts and two schools were visited. As well one-day orientation workshop on NMT/ CMS for CBNP supervisor and trainers was conducted. At the end of Mission, the monitoring team had recommendation for implementer to: Develop an Action plan for provincial team, Establishing CBNP taskforce, Modifying the CBMP implementation plan and action plan and sharing the modified CBNP plan with MoPH PND/CBHC department.

MOVE HQ Technical team visited MOVE, s projects in Daikundi province

From Aug 27th to Sep 5th, 2019 MOVE HQ Technical team (Health Director, Performance & Development Director and Pharmacy Manager) had a mission to Daikundi province to support related projects in Daikundi province. This mission aimed to monitor projects activities, appraise PO staff performance, provide Tech. Support to Projects office staff, Conducting field visit from HFs, Support to other MOVE projects and conduct coordination meetings with Projects management team PPHD and Daikundi Governor.

The meeting with Daikundi Governor took place at governor house and shared the project semiannual review findings (Project and staff performance during six month). the Goerner appreciated MOVE activities and extended their support for better implementation of Health projects in Daikundi. Also the team monitored the PO departments, Nilli PH, Khedir CHC+, Shish BHC and Shinia PHC activities and provided instruction and support to PO staff to further support the HF staff to deliver quality health services to the community.

The team in coordination with PO staff, conducted two days’ semiannual review workshop to review the P4P indicators progress and possible challenges and the semiannual performance feedback shared with HF in charges to develop Performance improvement plan for respected HFs.

An action plan developed by Daikundi PO team to address the team findings and shared with HQ.

MOVEs Website Committee Activities Update

As part of the Information Services, website editing and development committee members works together to support MOVEs offices and projects with various activities on MOVE website development and updating.

The committee members with identifying updates needs, looks for projects specific changes and achievements, show the major progresses of organization to update the community by announcing on the website. During the last months the overall website designs, content, and documents were reviewed and the committee published a total of 48 new pages in the first half of 2019. An additional two annual reports of last years, uploaded in the website.   The committee members are committed to continue their regular support on improving the website values and quality.  

Daikundi SEHATMANDI project P4P Semi-Annual (Jan-June, 2019) Review workshop Launched

On August 6, 2019 MOVE welfare Organization Launched Daikundi project P4P semiannual review workshop in HQ Training Hall, Khoshhalkhan mina, Kabul.

The event formally launched the progress reports of MOVE BPHS-EPHS project of Daikundi for the period of Jan-June 2019. The purpose of this review was to share the analytic findings of Daikundi Sehatmandi project semiannual performance data with MOVE HQ departments, Daikundi PPHD, PMO/MoPH, and GCMU grant specialist, discussed on findings and to seek a possible way for further improvement of Project performance. The MOVE P4P director explained the project targets aligned with the achievements. He expressed his supports for the continuation of analytical supports for the BPHS technical departments. He also emphasized that they are working on mechanisms, how to recognize the hardworking staff and how to encourage them to do better than yesterday.

The workshop members have raised their questions one by one and their lesson learns from P4P implementation that noted by the management team for further improvements and developments. At the end of the workshop, executive, P4P, finance, operation, health directors appreciated the project staff and their hard works on achieving present performance.