Daikundi SEHATMANDI project P4P Semi-Annual (Jan-June, 2019) Review workshop Launched

On August 6, 2019 MOVE welfare Organization Launched Daikundi project P4P semiannual review workshop in HQ Training Hall, Khoshhalkhan mina, Kabul.

The event formally launched the progress reports of MOVE BPHS-EPHS project of Daikundi for the period of Jan-June 2019. The purpose of this review was to share the analytic findings of Daikundi Sehatmandi project semiannual performance data with MOVE HQ departments, Daikundi PPHD, PMO/MoPH, and GCMU grant specialist, discussed on findings and to seek a possible way for further improvement of Project performance. The MOVE P4P director explained the project targets aligned with the achievements. He expressed his supports for the continuation of analytical supports for the BPHS technical departments. He also emphasized that they are working on mechanisms, how to recognize the hardworking staff and how to encourage them to do better than yesterday.

The workshop members have raised their questions one by one and their lesson learns from P4P implementation that noted by the management team for further improvements and developments. At the end of the workshop, executive, P4P, finance, operation, health directors appreciated the project staff and their hard works on achieving present performance.

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